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Mr. Hollywood’s House

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Monday July 31, 2017
Mr. Hollywood’s House

Dennis Chernov and the Chernov Team are the premier agents in the Studio City area in Los Angeles. In addition to representing sellers and buyers of homes that would make even the harshest architecture critic fall silent, Mr. Chernov has represented sellers of homes with significant historical value. Mr. Hollywood’s home is an example of one of those homes.

In an era where many Los Angeles developers were attempting to make a name for themselves, one developer stood above the rest - Charles E. Toberman. His structures were ubiquitous throughout Hollywood in the early years of the area’s development, resulting in his nicknames “Mr. Hollywood” and the “Father of Hollywood.” Many of the structures he developed have stood the test of time and now serve as landmarks in the Los Angeles area. His most notable developments include the illustrious Roosevelt Hotel, the Graumann’s Chinese and Egyptian Theatres, and the El Capitan Theatre. These structures have endured several decades and disasters; they represent the fortitude of Mr. Hollywood’s vision.

Mr. Toberman was not exclusively a developer, and he did not dedicate himself exclusively to theatres and hotels; he also built homes. In 1926 Mr. Hollywood built a lavish Spanish style mansion as his own personal residence in Hollywood. In the 1930’s Mr. Toberman accomplished the feat of building a model home that was fire proof, termite proof, earthquake resistant, and impervious to wear and tear. All his accomplishments building homes led to a grand labor of love, the house you are standing in right now.

The Father of Hollywood was also the father of Jeanette and Catherine Toberman. After honing his craft at building mansions, and houses that were far safer than the normal houses of the time, the Father of Hollywood turned his skills to build a home for his daughter in 1937. Using the care and attentiveness that only a father knows, Mr. Toberman crafted the building you are standing in today; a building that withstood a flood from a neighboring Clark Gable’s lot in 1938. This house is far more than just a house.

This house is a piece of the city’s rich history, it is a token of a father’s love for his daughter, and it represents Mr. Hollywood’s vision of the future.


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