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Wednesday September 16, 2020
New Construction is Increasingly Lucrative

A confidence index measures a group of people’s optimism or pessimism about a future subject. While confidence indexes aren’t dispositive, there is a certain element of self-fulfilling prophecy at work in them; ...

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Monday September 14, 2020
Using Your Noggin While Organize Your Home

During the pandemic, many of us find ourselves at home more than before the virus came to our shores; businesses shut down or went to part time hours, or your company began having employees work remotely. The more t...

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Friday September 11, 2020
Mortgage Rates Hit an All-Time Low… Again

We talk about mortgage rates quite a bit here, and there’s a good reason – the current mortgage rate provides a great indicator of how many potential buyers will be in the market. Given that inventory is low, mo...

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Thursday September 9, 2020

We’ve probably all heard about lavender oil, but not many of us actually use it. Once upon a time, this could be ...

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Thursday July 24, 2020

People are familiar with some name brand architecture designs like “Spanish Mission” and “midcentury modern,...

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Thursday July 22, 2020

During the course of this pandemic, there has been one impressive constant; the housing market has been surprisingl...

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Thursday July 20, 2020

As a general rule, interest rates on 30-year fixed rate mortgages (“FRMs”) are inversely correlated to the amou...

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Thursday July 17, 2020

Trying to get your dream home is a lot like trying to get your dream job. If what you’re going after is truly exc...

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Thursday July 15, 2020

On Monday, July 13, 2020 Governor Newsom reinstated numerous COVID-19 restrictions across the state and singled out...

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