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Wednesday May 26, 2021
Buyers Generally Happy With Their Pandemic Purchases

The news is inundated with stories about buyers who were less-than-thrilled with their new homes, and many of those stories focused on how market conditions forced buyers to “settle.” It is important to remind o...

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Monday May 24, 2021
In An Increasingly Overpriced Market, Homes Are Regularly Appraising for Less Than Asking Price: What Are Your Options?

Most home loans are based on what an appraiser determines a house is worth, the loan will typically cover that amount. Thus, if a seller is listing their home at $1.5M, but the appraiser values the home at $1M, the ...

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Friday May 21, 2021
Housing Market Continues to Cool Based on Mortgage Industry

It appears that the housing market is cooling down (not crashing) across the board; the latest indicator is that the demand for mortgages, specifically refinancing mortgages, hit its lowest level in a year during Ap...

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