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Maximizing Open House Turnout

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Friday December 15, 2017
Maximizing Open House Turnout

During the process of selling your home, your agent will be in tasked with the responsibility of setting up open houses. These are a great chance for potential buyers to visit your home and examine it in person. Here are some of the things you and your agent should do to get the most out of an open house.

The most important thing when holding an open house is making sure people actually go. In this day and age, your agent should be very aware that the internet is the best way to promote just about anything. Buyers are constantly searching online to find homes for sale. Your agent should begin advertising the open house at least a week in advance.

Social media is becoming a greater and greater influence in the lives of everyone as time goes on. Most people check at least one social media platform at least once throughout the day. Your agent should absolutely utilize this to your advantage. Advertising open houses on Twitter, Facebook, blogs, and other platforms will increase how many people know about the event tremendously. The more people know about the event, the more people will show up.

Your agent should know when your home is in the appropriate condition to hold an open house. Scheduling these events before the home has been prepared for them is a great way to have potential buyers think the property is a waste of time. You and your agent will need to work together to establish what needs to be done to the home and how long it will take. A proper timeline will help you and your agent be ready for any incoming visit.

Having good relationships with your neighbors can be very beneficial. Letting them know about your open house is a great way to get some word of mouth marketing. Though your neighbors may not be looking to move, they may have a friend or relative that is. Your real estate agent probably doesn’t have such a great relationship with your neighbors or know them at all, so this will be something that you will have to do yourself. Your neighbors will also be able to put in a good word for you if any experienced home buyers decide to ask them about the area or your home.

Signs are also very common and effective ways for your agent to get the word around. Putting up 20 to 40 of these signs around the area is a great way to let locals know about the open house. They often attract people that may not be looking for a home in the first place, but that is still beneficial. Online ads are usually only found by people that are actively looking for homes, but signs can reach an entirely different group of people.

These are some great ways to attract people to your open house. Your agent should work hard at getting as many people to show up as possible, in turn, maximizing your potential to sell.


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