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How to Appeal to Buyers Through Real Estate Listings

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Wednesday December 13, 2017
How to Appeal to Buyers Through Real Estate Listings

Writing real estate listings may be just as difficult as looking for your mother in a grocery store when you were 5-years-old. Yet as tough and troublesome as they may seem, property listings are a crucial component of the real estate market. Therefore, the following tips and tricks are sure to help you and your agent find your way in the dense and diverse jungle of real estate listings.

Pictures are worth a thousand words but most importantly, they’re one of the first impressions prospective tenants may have of the property. Thus, the photos should be as professional as possible (hire a professional if necessary). They should be wide-angled, uncluttered, and taken in the best possible lighting, preferably when the sun rises. But as important as the quality of the pictures are, so is what comes out in them. It is crucial to highlight the interesting and important features of the property including wide-angled pictures of the front of the home, the kitchen, the living room, bedrooms, bathrooms, and other exciting aspects such as the pool, backyard, deck, etc. All in all, it is important to keep in mind that 15 good pictures are better than 25 bad ones and professional-looking photos are critical to successful real estate listings as they might leave a lasting impression on any prospective buyer.

In addition to high-quality pictures, keeping the price in black and white is sure to attract the right buyer as the ideal tenant is willing to pay the right price for the right property. Asking prospective buyers to inquire or call about the price might discourage them from being interested or excited. Additionally, it’d lead to several dead-end leads if the buyer's expectation is far from the actual price. With the right features and the right maintenance, the right tenant is sure to pay the right price.

Remaining clear and concise is also an integral factor in real estate listings. Make sure to avoid complex real estate lingo or jargon that could confuse a potential buyer and to avoid complicated shorthand, while also being curt yet sweet. Refrain from being too wordy or too disjointed. Keep it short and sweet, whilst creating a clear, accurate, and precise description for the ideal buyer.

Moreover, your agent should always avoid overselling the listing. Praising the property will only make prospective buyers wary, rather than interest them. Steer clear of creating a patronizing tone, going overboard with praise, worshipping the property, and exclamation marks. Remaining honest and “positively subjective,” not only creates a greater sense of trust but will also keep buyers’ expectations safe.

Real estate listings may seem like a hassle but impressive photography and remaining clear, concise, honest, and subjective is sure to provide endless benefits in the long run.


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