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Everything Real Estate in the San Fernando Valley
MondayMarch 14, 2022

More and more homeowners are determining that investing in their single largest asset, their house, is the greatest way to enhance their lives and personal balance sheets. Home upgrades and remodeling are excellent investments because it boosts property values and allows you to enjoy life in your own home.

Kitchen and bathroom renovation regularly gives the highest return on investment, ranging from 80 to 100 percent ROI, according to research across various California real estate markets. In areas like Southern California and the Los Angeles area, where outdoor activities may be enjoyed all year, deck extensions, outdoor living rooms, and patios often provide a 100 percent return on investment. When it comes time to sell your house, great room expansions provide a 70% return. Master bedroom suites and family room extensions are also good investments. Remodels that turn wasted space into usable living space, such as attics, might differ greatly from one location to the next. Garages and carports serve the same purpose.

You should explore your LA area in addition to completing study in your California local real estate market. The whole atmosphere depends on consistency across neighborhood houses, and home purchasers will notice if your property does not fit in. Any changes you make to your house should be in keeping with the rest of the neighborhood. When your house is close to multiple modest houses, for example, an exotic addition will stand out like a sore thumb. Making this investment will not provide the expected return since home purchasers who can afford it will go for a property in a more costly area, such as Bel Air, Beverly Hills, Santa Monica, or Brentwood.

When attempting to add an extension to your home, it is critical to keep the original design in mind. One method to achieve this is to use the same or complementary materials throughout your property, ensuring that it remains aesthetically attractive both inside and out. If you wish to sell your property, it is never a smart idea to choose strong, quirky color choices. The house buyer has the creative flexibility to include their own style without having to redo all that has already been done by remaining neutral and conservative. When it comes time to sell, being neutral can help you save money.

Construct the renovation addition that brings you the most joy. If you want to build a deck or enlarge your living room, go ahead and do it. The reality is that your return on investment might fluctuate significantly depending on the US economy, the California real estate market, and other variables, so you can never be completely certain of its future worth. If you don't plan on relocating for a long time, you should create the addition that best fits you and your lifestyle, rather than putting money and resale value into consideration.

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