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Hollywood Hills

Celebrities, aspiring celebrities and trendy Angelenos define the acclaimed city of Hollywood Hills. By day, upcycled boutiques, juice bars and gourmet food shops are filled with hipsters and forward-leaning residents. By night, music can be heard and laughter flows through the streets from local comedy clubs.

Hiking into the hills, you will ascend into nature’s trails to the iconic Hollywood Sign. This omnipresent hillside billboard watches over the city below. Once you gaze upon this larger-than-life neighborhood nametag, you will be amazed.

You can trace the path of Celebrity and noteworthy VIPs along the Hollywood’s Walk of Fame. There are approximately 2,538 stars. Each point on the star represents the 5 categories within the entertainment industry.

Franklin Village is often a huge attraction for local residents, with its assortment of boutiques, cafes and bars. This one-street stop is perfect for lighthearted amusement. Even after the sun sets, this street still sizzles.

If you are searching for a one of a kind site-seeing experience, check out these spots. Hollywood Forever Cemetery, founded in 1899, it is the home and resting place of hundreds of Hollywood stars. The Hollywood Heritage Museum has historic photos of the early days of filmmaking back in its heyday. Also, the Hollywood Bowl is a must see hosting some of the best in the entertainment industry.

Residents of Hollywood Hills live in a wide assortment of homes including regal apartments from the Roaring 20’s, such as the Hollywood Tower, 70’s complexes that could star in a David Lynch film, and modern conceptions of contemporary art.

Hollywood Hills is conveniently located 40 minutes away from LAX, Venice Boardwalk and the Santa Monica Pier.