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Stretched along the north bend of the Santa Monica Mountains, Encino residents venture between their area’s suburban strip malls and Los Angeles’ urban border. Encino offers a sunny escape far from Downtown for all the Valley Girls and Boys.

Recreation centers are never out of reach in this neighborhood. The Japanese Tea Garden is home to LA’s largest Earth Day festival. Waterfalls and Zen mediation gardens balance the aromas that linger from the attraction’s tea house. The Sepulveda Basin-Cricket Rec Center has several sport facilities, a man-made lake, bike paths and lots of golf.

The Tapio Bros. Fruit and Vegetable Stand welcomes tons of visitors to its busy farm. The produce changes just like the season’s change where they welcome pumpkins in fall, and Evergreen trees in winter.

Looking for a bite to eat, Encino has so many amazing restaurants such as Outlaws Café, Cici Café and the best Persian restaurant, Sadaf.

Encino is close to many nearby attractions such as the Hollywood Walk of Fame, Santa Monica Pier and The Grove taking only 20-30 minutes to arrive.