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Using Your Noggin While Organize Your Home

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Monday September 14, 2020
Using Your Noggin While Organize Your Home

During the pandemic, many of us find ourselves at home more than before the virus came to our shores; businesses shut down or went to part time hours, or your company began having employees work remotely. The more time you spend somewhere, the more you want it to feel organized; a lot of people are embarking on a journey to organize their homes – it makes sense. Unfortunately, not all “organization” is equal; experts have some tips to help you do it right the first time.

You may be familiar with the constant parent-child struggle of making the bed and the question “Why making it when I’m just going to mess it up again tonight?” It’s an appealing argument, particularly because it means you don’t have to make the bed. But ultimately, making your bed really brings a room together and while that might not be appealing to your inner child, it should be to your inner grown up. With that said, consider invest in bedding that is all the same color; you don’t want to spend too much time perfecting the sheets orientation, and if they’re all the same color you won’t have to.

Next, when people spend a lot of money on something, they have a very hard time getting rid of it. We continue to justify not tossing things we spent a lot of money on because we believe doing so would admit it was a poor purchase. The item was worth what you paid when you bought it, but once it has served its purpose consider giving it to a thrift store so someone else can enjoy a taste of the high-life – those $300 shoes won’t do anything for you anymore if they don’t fit.

On a related note, guilt can also prevent us from organizing properly. Maybe your 5 year old niece made you a popsicle stick birdhouse 15 years ago (that would make her 20 years old now for those of you who don’t do math), and it feels wrong to get rid of something a child made. If you’re that concerned, ask your niece – I’m willing to bet she doesn’t remember. Or just get rid of it, it’s not like you’re throwing out the memory of the gift; also, let’s be honest, it wasn’t a very aesthetically pleasing birdhouse anyways. There are no rules in love, war, and organizing your home!

Finally, assuming you have children, think about the reason you disparage them from jumping on every single trend that occurs during their very young lives (there are a lot); trends pass pretty quickly, so it’s a waste to try and keep up with them. That goes with housing design as well; pick something that works for you. If you must change the design, do it within reason or you will be spending every weekend redecorating your home.

At the Chernov Team we understand knowledge is power, and knowledge of how to keep your home in order is powerful knowledge indeed. At the Chernov Team we know that whoever comes to the table most prepared leaves with the most, and the Chernov Team always leaves the table with the most.

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