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Everything Real Estate in the San Fernando Valley
FridayMay 12, 2023

Real estate agents don’t just facilitate the buying and selling of homes, they help in the realization of dreams and the achievement of milestones. Homeownership is a dream and a milestone for many. Real estate agents help them cost-effectively achieve this goal.

Buying a home is a long-term decision and involves a huge investment. Real estate agents help people make the best choice. On the selling end, agents help people pass on their previous home to someone else looking for their dream home. Real estate agents do more than helping people sell and buy homes. They also play an important role in renting houses, and in the sale and purchase of land and other properties. It is essential for real estate agents to adhere to the state requirements and activate their licenses. Real estate agents may also take some resilience training to prepare them for the rigors of the job.

The work of a real estate agent does have its perks. They get to meet new people, view amazing places, be a part of the incredible journeys of people, and of course, assist people in acquiring the properties of their dreams.

What do real estate agents do?
It is easy to say that real estate agents help people buy and sell houses, but that’s not all there is to it. Real estate agents perform many smaller tasks that ultimately result in the transfer of ownership of houses. So what is it that real estate agents really do? Here are the nitty gritty bits:


At the time of selling a house:
For selling a structure that has been someone’s home for a while, real estate agents have to help them detach themselves from the place, and convert it into a house from a home. The current homeowners have to let go so that someone else can envision their dream home in that place. Real estate agents work in the following ways leading up to the sale:
● The agents make suggestions for home improvement services like deep cleaning, pest control, painting and cosmetic renovations, landscaping, and even home automation. They may recommend enhancements, renovations, and redecoration as required.
● Real estate agents may also help stage the house for sale by rearranging the current furniture or using staging furniture.
● To help potential buyers envision the house, real estate agents help in designing custom floor plans, architectural and photorealistic renderings, and getting proper photography and videography.
● Real estate agents scrutinize the best attributes of the house and its competitive advantage and recommend the best selling price using their expertise.
● The agents build interest in the house and provide early exposure through creative marketing involving social media posts and walkthrough teasers. Real estate agents may also email their list of potential buyers and local agents. They also try to find people interested in similar properties.
● Agents put up attractive signage next to the house that needs to be sold. These signs inform and attract potential buyers.
● They also market the house using various print media like flyers, postcards, brochures, newsletters, and lookbooks.
● Real estate agents may also display the house on popular real estate websites, as most people start their search online. Agents today have to be proficient in targeted digital advertising.
● The agents may also host open houses and vet potential buyers.
● Finally, the real estate agents negotiate the best terms for the sale.


During the home-buying process:
People plan and save up for the down payment for some time before purchasing a house. After months or years of deliberation and effort, they decide to make the investment and commitment. This is where the real estate agents step in and make the process easy for them. For real estate agents, closing a deal and helping their clients get the home they desire is fulfillment on its own.
● Real estate agents provide required information about the housing market and the local area. The clients get the most up-to-date information, which can help clear the confusion they might have regarding the home-buying process and the market.
● The agents also make recommendations that would likely meet or exceed the expectations of prospective buyers. For this, they first try to gain a proper understanding of the likes, dislikes, personalities, and preferences of their clients. This understanding helps them offer recommendations that they deem to be a good fit.
● Agents help avoid house-hunting fatigue by only presenting options that meet all the criteria and are within the budget of the clients. The agents may go through the local MLS, scout houses online, and even in person.
● The agents accompany the prospective buyers on house tours and provide them with the expert advice they seek.
● They aid buyers with the connections and expertise of the best realtors. Buyers can benefit from their reach, influence, and network.
● Real estate agents take care of home appraisals and inspections on behalf of their clients. They may also ensure pre-approval for a mortgage.
● Agents diligently accompany their clients to any of the meetings where their presence is required or requested.
● The agents submit bids, help negotiate the best terms and procure an optimal purchase agreement for their clients. They also help their clients navigate through all
the documentation and contract work easily.
● The agents try to mitigate risks, increase leverage, and ensure less hassle and more peace of mind for their clients through the whole closing process.

On the buying end, real estate agents help people meet their housing needs and get the most worth for their money. During the selling process, they help their clients get the right price and taker for their house. They protect the interests of their clients and make the world a better place by matching the right people with the right homes. Real estate agents are the superheroes that patrol the lanes of the housing market.

Written by Ben Richardson.

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