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How to Stand Out When Pursuing Your Dream Home

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Friday July 17, 2020
How to Stand Out When Pursuing Your Dream Home

Trying to get your dream home is a lot like trying to get your dream job. If what you’re going after is truly exceptional (which most dreams are), it’s unlikely that you’re the only one trying to get it; you’ve got to make yourself stand out. One of the ways you can make yourself stand out in the hopes of having a seller accept your offer is to write an offer letter, a good old-fashioned letter. This article will briefly discuss how to write an offer letter that works. 
First, you’re going to want to make the opening paragraph as personal as possible; let the buyer know that they are selling to a person, and that person would be an excellent fit for the place the seller has come to call home. Writing from the heart is always a good idea. Your goal is to let the seller know that their home is going to the right person – highlight who will be living there, why this is the house of your dreams, and what you hope to do with the house. For example, if you are expecting, talk about how you want to raise a family in that home, and mention that the home is in a good school district, which makes you excited for the future you can build in this home. 
Second, homeowners can be a little vain and everybody likes compliments. Don’t be shy about discussing why the home’s attributes are ideal for you. Again, making it personal can go a long way. If the dining room is large, and you plan on having a large family, discuss how you can’t wait to have large family dinners every night. If the home is near your friends and family, talk about how the back yard is the perfect place to host large family gatherings. Again, you want the seller to think about you the person, not you the faceless purchaser. 
Third, be observant and find personal connections. Do some research on the sellers, or pay attention to the photos, paintings, and books when you viewed the house. Maybe you see that the owner is a fan of science fiction, you can form a personal connection by throwing in your love for science fiction as well. Perhaps there was a photo of a young boy practicing his swing in the backyard, and you look forward to coaching your child’s little league team. Anything that connects you and the seller will go a long way. 
Fourth, explain your bid. Feelings are nice, but you need to provide some substance in the letter as well. If your bid is low, explain it honestly; be respectful while you do it, you don’t want the sellers to feel like you’re blowing smoke. At the end of the day, this is your opportunity to put the number in context. If they like you, they may be willing to bypass higher bids in order to give their home to the right person. 
Finally, end your letter with gratitude. You’re asking the sellers to choose you, you’ve told them who you are, your hopes and dreams, your commonalities – you’ve made a connection. Let them know that you are capable of gratitude, and the letter may tip the scales in your favor. 
At the Chernov Team we understand that knowledge is power, and knowledge of how to separate yourself from the pack when pursuing your dream home is powerful knowledge indeed. At the Chernov Team we know that whoever comes to the table most prepared leaves with the most, and the Chernov team always leaves the table with the most. 


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