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TuesdayOctober 13, 2020

Nobody likes spiders, we suspect even spiders don’t like each other. As we approach
Halloween, we will see a noticeable uptick in the amount of fake spiders, but if spiders must be
around, we all prefer they be plastic. This article will briefly discuss why your house gets (living)
spiders in the first place, why you shouldn’t be terrified of the spiders you see (usually), and how to evict those eight-legged houseguests.

Here’s an unsettling fact, the vast majority of spiders you see in your home don’t come
from outside, and they’ve been living there for a while. Moreover, spiders tend to leave their comfy hiding places during the fall and spring to mate, and make more spiders.

Lucky for you, most indoor spiders aren’t actually dangerous; out of the roughly 40,000
species of spiders on this planet, there are only about 12 that can actually cause you harm.

Most house spiders don’t even bite humans. To be fair, the brown recluse and black widow are two types of spiders that can hurt you (it’s rare that their bites are lethal, but they will require medical attention), but most can’t.

While we often forget that spiders inside our home remove the bugs that are inside our
homes (it’s part of why spiders like it inside), that probably doesn’t change the fact that we don’t
want them around. Vacuum regularly to remove webs and egg sacs. Keep your place tidy by
eliminating clutter from the walls, and the spiders won’t have living spaces that are hidden away.

Ultimately, we can’t prevent 100% of our eight-legged nemeses from getting inside, but we can
reduce the number of unwanted guests by being even marginally clean in our homes.

At the Chernov Team we understand most people dislike spiders, and knowledge of how
to reduce their impact on our lives is useful information. At the Chernov Team we know that
whoever comes to the table most prepared leaves with the most, and the Chernov Team always
leaves the table with the most.

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