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Tuesday August 22, 2017
Healthy Bites


Staff Favorites: Healthy Bites

Keeping in line with the Chernov Team’s dedication to health, this article will introduce you to some of the Staff’s favorite places to eat in Studio City; a healthy body needs exercise and good food. Restaurants are our bread and butter. While everyone’s idea of a “healthy” diet varies, each of these locations offers vegetarian dishes and a few vegan dishes. While we are certainly cherry picking, here are our three favorite eateries in the area.

(1) SunCafe – A Vegan’s Paradise
Vegan cuisine is truly hit-or-miss, but SunCafe is an expert marksman; they hit the non-living target dead on, every time. When it comes to vegan cuisine, SunCafe really knows their onions. SunCafe has a wide assortment of dishes, which they serve for brunch, lunch, and dinner. Additionally, they boast an impressive vegan cocktail menu. SunCafe has weekly specials and happy hour deals that are as kind to your wallet as they are to your body. Directions can be found here.

(2) Kreation Organic Juicery – Organic Beverages & More
Most people don’t go wild for juice, but those people have not visited Kreation Organic Juicery. This establishment provides healthy and organic options for the health-conscious Los-Angeline.; think Robek’s or JambaJuice, but better. They offer delicious cold pressed juices, cold pressed smoothies, pre-packaged healthy meals for the patron on-the-go, and much more. They say an apple a day keeps the doctor away, but they didn’t say what form the apple had to take! Directions can be found here.

(3) Granville – A great Place to Eat with Friends
While SunCafe is a good place to eat with friends, not everyone is a fan of vegan cuisine. However, not enjoying vegan cuisine is not the same as not caring about dietary health – enter Granville, a place in the middle. This restaurant sprung up to meet the needs of the rapidly growing whole foods market. That is to say, Granville understands that people want to eat healthy, but they don’t want to build their entire lifestyle around it. The food here is both delicious and healthy. If that is what you are looking for, then you are the person they opened this restaurant for.
Granville serves brunch, lunch & dinner, and incredibly delicious drinks. For lunch, the Staff recommends Poblano quinoa – it can be cooked into the specification of any diet and is truly delicious. For breakfast, the Staff recommends the heavenly hotcakes; unfortunately, this cannot be made as a vegan dish.
While Granville is slightly more expensive than the other options, you will not be impressed with the finished product; your body will thank you! Directions can be found here.

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