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Wednesday May 31, 2023

This past year saw monumental change for the Chernov Team, we announced that we would be joining the Agency family! Their core principle of putting clients' needs at the forefront of everything they do perfectly aligned with how we operate our business. Despite the challenging economic environment of rising interest rates, tumultuous stock market fluctuations and the pending ULA property tax measure, the Chernov Team closed a total $376,265,974 in sales over 148 transactions.

Here's some of the awards and accomplishments our agents received:
The Chernov Team - LA Magazine Real Estate All Stars
Dennis Chernov - The Agency's Chairman Award
Dennis Chernov - LABJ's list of Top 100 Real Estate Agents in LA County
Dennis Chernov - LA Magazine Real Estate All Stars
Nicole Tekiela - The Agency Rising Star
Steven Ejiofor - The Agency Rising Star
Barrington Malcolm - The Agency Rookie of the Year
Nicole Tekiela - 2nd Highest Sale in Tarzana for 2022: 4653 Vanalden Avenue ($6,807,000)
Steven Ejiofor & Dennis Chernov - 4th Highest Sale in Tarzana for 2022: 4940 Brewster Drive ($6,150,000)

We talked with Hovik Pakhanyan to ask him a few questions about how his 2022 went:
How did you push yourself in 2022 as an agent?
2022 was a year where I learned to better manage my life and my business. Life throws a thousand and one things your way and it's your job to maneuver through the obstacles. There will always be challenges, so in order to stay consistent, I've learned that the little things always need to be done consistently. Details are something that I focused on in 2022 and will continue to prioritize in 2023 and onward. There will always be something trying to take up your time and it's up to you to prioritize well and stay the course.

Who was a memorable client from this last year? Why was their home sale purchase special to you?
One of my most memorable clients was one of my best friends. It might sound cliché, but nothing gives you the warm fuzzy feeling like the satisfaction of buying your first house-or, in this case, selling a house for one of the closest people in your life. It's a cool thing to see a friend grow up and check off some of these bucket list items in their lives-and to be a part of it makes it even cooler. I'm thankful he trusted me to help him every step of the way.

What's the best part of your job?
I love meeting new people. I get to talk to so many cool, interesting and enjoyable individuals. I'm extremely social, so to meet new people from all sorts of walks of life is very interesting. The same goes for all the agents we work with, it's vital to maintain relationships with your colleagues and I love being able to work with similar but so different people. There is always an adventure or a story to be gleaned out of every connection, and I'm here for it.

How would you describe your style as an agent?
I like to consider myself very hands-on, I like to really get to know my clients and put in the work to help them get the job done. Nothing is more rewarding than sifting through a sea of homes that aren't the one, in order to get to the one. The excitement is next level. When it comes to selling, I focus on procedures, systems and high-end marketing to ensure my clients get the necessary love, attention and care for their project needs. I guess you can say l'm systematic, hands-on and personal. My team and I are so much more, too, but this is a start!

Read the full report from the Agency here.

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